Saturday, September 1, 2012


Sometimes we have the best times when we do things impulsively and without planning.   Too much planning and great expectations, occasionally let us down.  Why do I say this?

For the last five years, when I was living in California, I attempted several times to go to Lake Havasu.  Every single time, something happened that I was unable to go.  And in Las Vegas, I was starting with the same pattern.  About four months ago, I paid to a travel agent to go to Lake Havasu on a motorcoach tour bus.  

Inexplicably, the person in charge of the tour forgot about me.  Not only she forgot about me, but she forgot to tell me that I was no longer going.  I found out accidentally, when just a few days before the trip I sent her an email and she told me that the bus was full.  All her apologies did nothing to my great disappointment.  Then I thought “it’s really not meant for me to go to Lake Havasu.”
Today, my plans were to go a BBQ/pool party.  After months of anticipation from the host and all invitees, yesterday the party was canceled due to rain and thunderstorms announced for Saturday.   I had no Plan B because I never thought I would need one.  Since it was Labor Day weekend, there were many things going on in town, so I had options to enjoy the last holiday weekend this summer.  

I knew of friends that were going to Lake Havasu.  And, of course, they had to plan the trip to Lake Havasu on the date that I was committed to go to the pool party.  But once the party was postponed, without much thinking or hope, I sent an email asking if there was room for me in the cars.  Surprisingly, there was. 

So today, after over five years of trying to go to Lake Havasu…I DID GO TO LAKE HAVASU! 

There is a time for everything and today was the day.  It was a day trip, just us girls and we had a very enjoyable time with a little taste of London.



The "Big Ben" :)

Here the United Nations:  from left to right, Puerto Rico, Turkey, Egypt, China, Malaysia and South Korea.  How did that happen?   Ah, we are the traveling sisters.

I don't know, a weird picture.


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