Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I don't want to say goodbye to the summer

I love summer.  I like fall.  I HATE winter.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.  

On Monday when I saw the yellow school busses on the streets, it reminded me that summer is almost over.  Where did my summer go?   I don’t want to let summer go, not yet.

Although I have to say that by the end of the summer, and especially in Las Vegas, we are all ready for cooler temperatures.  By now, it’s been many days of triple digit temperatures and a new trend of humidity, something I had not experienced here before.

This afternoon I was thinking about what I did and did not do this summer.


The highlight of my summer was seeing all my friends who came to visit Fabulous Las Vegas.  It seemed like everybody decided to visit at the same time, which was time and energy consuming, nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute I spent with each of my good friends.

I enjoyed Tai Chi at the park.

I ate a lot, on my own, and with my friend visitors because they all want to go to buffets.

I quit my volunteer job.  After a year working as a CASA volunteer and successfully completing my assigned case in court, I decided to explore other volunteer opportunities.

I joined the Hospital Visitation Team at my church.

I refinanced my property in California.

Lifedance was born!  Yeah!


Didn’t travel. 

No getaway weekend.

Didn’t read a couple of books I had in mind to read.

I didn’t have one shaved ice.   (I still have time.  I must have one before it gets cold.)  

No swimming. 
Didn’t go to any jazz concert at Lake Las Vegas.  I love those.

No pool bbq parties.  Alright, I'm going to one on Saturday.

Did not go to the movies.

Did not do any of my pending projects at my home.


In mid-September, I have two more friends coming to Las Vegas.  I think this will be the end of my tour guide part time job.  But you really never know.  When you live in LV, friends pop in when you least expect them.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my dear friends from Southern California.  

Relax from tour guide job.

Buy the iPhone 5.  Oh, I’m so anxious waiting for this phone to come out.  It’s been said in September.  For months I've been using a defective phone.  My iphone 3G is missing one of the speakers and it’s not worth fixing it.  Also my phone cover broke, so 3G, 4G, 4S and 5G!  Yep, it’s about time for an upgrade. 

I need to fix my rental for the next tenant.  Help!!

-         * * *

I'm not saying it was a bad summer. Whatever I did, I enjoyed. It did seem short.  But ain’t over yet.  I still have time to catch up and do some fun things.  I must plan better my summer 2013.

How has your summer been so far?

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