Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Torn between two smart phones

Update 9/14/12:  I changed my mind.  I will return the LG Marquee and buy the iPhone 5 which will be available on 9/21.  I am a woman, I’m entitled to change my mind!!!

For long months I’ve been waiting to buy the iPhone 5 to replace my 3G.  The word was that it was going to be available in September.

About week and a half ago while I was browsing TV channels, I stopped at HSN where they were showing a smart phone that caught my attention.  The phones were selling like hot cakes based on the bottom screen numbers.  The price was excellent and the phone had all the latest features.   The phone they were selling was the LG Marquee.  The price of the phone was $149 and included in the price was a home charger, car charger, phone ear plugs, the case and some free Apps including GPS.  A complete package at an excellent price!  If I were to buy the iPhone 5 with all those extras, I would be talking hundreds of dollars.

In addition, the phone comes with: 
4” high resolution NOVA touchscreen
5MP camera with 3x zoom and video 
GPS enabled
Stereo Bluetooth technology
Speakerphone with voice-activated dialing
Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting & 3-way calling

But the one thing, the key thing that surprised me about this phone was the word UNLIMITED.  For $50 a month, including all fees, you have access to unlimited phone calls and unlimited data.  You can’t really beat that.  I don’t use much my smart phone to make phone calls, but I use the other features.  Data runs up the bill.  To be able to watch a movie, online TV, music, etc without limitations and worries, sounds like a phone deal made in heaven.
On top of that, there is another incredible thing about this HSN phone offer.  As I understood from the promo, after 6 months, the bill will go down and after some more months the bill will be around $40.  You can’t beat that either.  At least, I never heard of that before and I’m no phone savvy, by the way. 

So guess what?  I think you guessed it already.  Impulsive as I am, I picked up the phone and ordered the phone.

Now I'm having guilty feelings.  After being an iPhone user for many years and after patiently waiting for my new iP5 to come out in September, I feel like an iPhone traitor.  Unsecured about my quick decision, I went online to research the LG Marquee.  As it usually happens with reviews, I found good and bad reviews, but most of them were favorable.  The main complaint about the phone was that it doesn’t have a long lasting battery.  That’s certainly a drawback, but I don’t use the phone much, so I guess I can live with that.  Besides, as long as I have a charger at home and one in the car, it shouldn’t matter much to me.  There’s also the possibility that by now they fixed that problem.

My phone arrives today.  After much thinking and mentally debating whether I should return it and stick to my original plan to buy the iPhone5, I concluded that I’m going to keep it.  I’ll give it a shot.  I have 30 days to return it if I don’t like it, no questions asked.  But I really hope I like my new smart phone because it’s the heck of a deal.  

It’s so bad to have mixed feelings.  But I am a practical person.  If the LG Marquese has saved me money, will give me unlimited access, and eventually the bill will go down to $40, then that’s a keeper.  But, we’ll see.  If I’m not happy with the phone, I can always return it or I call sell it and go back to my first choice, the iPhone5.  Bad comes to worst, I have already bought the Christmas gift for one of my nephews.

Hello, hello, do you hear me now?

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