Saturday, September 29, 2012


Today I had another special and fun day in fabulous Las Vegas. I did something I wanted to do for a while. Stand up paddling - yes!!!

If you know me, you know that I love the water. For some time I’ve been interested in trying stand up paddling at Paddle to the Core in Lake LasVegas. Stand up paddling, known as SUP, it’s nothing new, but it’s becoming very trendy these days.

Stand to the Core is located at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort. Beautiful resort and ideal water to SUP if you are a beginner.

After a very brief explanation, we were given our boards and paddle. Oh, I was excited! 

My first dilemma was whether to bring my best friend, my camera, with me. As much as I wanted to bring my camera, what if I fell into the water? It wouldn’t be the first time I ruin a camera by falling in the water, but I was not ready to say goodbye to my Olympus, so I left it.

My second dilemma was whether I was going to be able to balance my body on the board. Well, that turned out to be easy.

Once the board was on the water, I immediately started moving the board slowly with the paddle. A few minutes into it and I was already moving smoothly down the lake. I was having a sense of pride in myself. I was finally doing SUP!  Woo--hoo!!

Then serenity overcame my excitement. Once you are balanced on the board and get the hang of it, paddling on the lake is so relaxing. I was enjoying the experience to the fullest and delighting in the beautiful surroundings. Why in the world did I leave my camera behind? That was the only thing that was troubling my mind.  But not so fast.

About half an hour into paddling and feeling confident in what I was doing, I became so confident that I got distracted by the beautiful scenery when all the sudden PLASH! Yes, I’m embarrassed to report that I fell into the water. By the same token, I am proud to report that I got onto the board without much trouble and didn’t lose my paddle. All in all, it was a fun moment and a learning experience. Now, not only do I know how to paddle on the board, but I also know how to get back on when I fall into the water.

I also found out that SUP is a good workout for your legs, your arms and your core.

“Am I in Las Vegas?” This thought crossed my mind at least a couple of times. It’s easy to forget that you are in Las Vegas as you paddle around the lake. In the desert doing SUP, wow!

We started paddling a little bit passed 10 am and the temperature was hot, but nice. I covered my skin with sunscreen and wore surfer's shorts on top of my bathing suit to get some protection from the sun.

We paddled around the lake for about an hour. As I returned ashore, I was feeling proud of myself thinking: “mission accomplished.” What a good feeling that is. I had finally done the SUP including a good plump into the water. Bravo!
After paddling, I took a quick shower to remove the lake water from my skin and clothing. Yaak.

Then I went to the resort's beautiful swimming pool and swam a little.  Nice.

Too bad that Lake Las Vegas is 32 miles from my home. I don’t like driving, so for me it’s out of my comfort zone. But for sure I will do this again. Just don’t know when.

They also offer Yoga classes on the board. I love Yoga, so I’m already looking forward to try that class. I have the feeling that yoga on the board won’t be as easy as paddling on the board, but I’m ready for the challenge.

I love trying new things and adding new experiences to my life. Life is short so we need to enjoy it to the fullest…as long as we have health and a few pennies in the wallet. 

And, of course, I don't have pictures out on the lake, but the staff of Paddle to the Core was gracious enough to take a few pictures as we were coming back from our paddling experience.

"My Vessel"

As if I didn't have enough fun, from Lake Las Vegas I headed to the Asian Harvest Moon Festival at the Spring Preserve (in my wet clothes).  What a fun day this was!

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