Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stepping back into the past – Clark County Heritage Museum

Every now and then I love to step back into time and yesterday I did just that when I visited the Clark County Museum.

The museum is located on Boulder Hwy, Henderson, about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.  The museum has an indoor exhibition outlining the history of Las Vegas and an extensive outdoor area including a ghost town, historic homes and a wedding chapel.  They also have a gift shop where they sell books, Native American dolls and miscellaneous items.

Yesterday we had a weather-perfect day in Las Vegas, ideal to visit the outdoors area of this museum. 

As usual, there’s always something interesting to do in this great city.  The Clark County Museum is definitely worth the drive to Henderson.  I thank Patty, one of my best girlfriends in LV, who is my designated driver.  Not because I drink, but because I'm a lazy to drive.  I love riding with Patty because she is a local and knows her way around very well.

By the time we left the museum, we were hungry and the three amigas headed off to have lunch at the Longhorn Casino. This is a small and older casino off the Strip on Boulder Hwy.  For $9.99 per person, we had steak, lobster, baked potatoes and carrots, accompanied with delicious bread rolls and a $1 beer.  What a deal!  These are the moments when I shout out, “Viva Las Vegas!”  Oh, and by way, admission to the museum is only $2 and $1 for children and seniors.  All worth it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Archery Lesson

I have been so busy lately that I forgot to post something fun and different that I did last month.  Taking an archery lesson never crossed my mind.  But a few weeks ago, I let go the Robin Hood in me and had some fun learning archery. 

Classes are given in groups of four and there is one instructor per group.  They give you a little plastic to protect your arm.  After a brief explanation consisting in how to hold the bow, how to place the arrow in the bow, and a demonstration of the right posture and position of the arms, hands and fingers, you are ready to shoot.  You are given six arrows.  After shooting 3 to 4 arrows, you start getting the hang of it.  When everybody had shot their six arrows, they called “clear” and we walked to the target to pick up our arrows and start another set of shooting.  I hit the target a few times, but most shots were not good and a few fell outside the target.  Did I care?  Absolutely not.  I was having so much fun.  Like everything else, lots of practice is needed to become good at it.

I had such a good time and, as usual, I was so excited to try something new and kind of different.

It was a fun thing to do on a cool Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas.

My archery buddies.