Sunday, September 30, 2012


Today I visited the Asian Harvest Moon Festival at the Spring Preserve.  As expected, I had a wonderful time at this event.  

For a few hours, I was transported into the exotic world of Asia yet I was here at the Spring Preserve in Las Vegas.  I have such an international mind that I am at my best when I’m mingling with other cultures.  I may have been born in the small island of Puerto Rico, but without question, I am a citizen of the world. 

Asia is such an exotic part of the world.  Its vast culture and geographical diversity, its cuisine, languages/dialects, architecture and folkloric clothing make this part of the world so magical.  I have had the privilege of visiting Japan, China, Thailand and Singapore.  I still want to visit more of the Asian countries that I haven’t visited.  In California I used to live in an area with an increasing Asian population allegedly because they liked the school district.  I also have several Asian friends here and in California, so I’m very well acquainted with this magnificent culture.

Kind of a funny story is that when I went to Europe with two girlfriends from Puerto Rico, every time the tour stopped at the major landmarks, there were numerous tourist buses with Asians.  They always came to me to ask if I could take them a picture.  That was back in the non-digital era.  My friends laughed because Asians never approached them, they always asked me.  My friends said that it was because I looked like them.  Honestly, I don’t think I have any Asian resemblance, but I am constantly asked if I am Asian or Philippina.   Do I care?  Absolutely not. 

What a wonderful time I had at the Asian Festival!  The food, the performers, the colorful customs, and a bunch of friends scattered all over the place, made this the perfect day.  After being in Lake Las Vegas in the morning (previous post) and spending my afternoon at the Spring Preserve, for sure this was a busy, but extraordinary FUN day.  


  1. Delma I love your adventures...where do you find all this neat stuff to do in vegas. you should look into this new thing (i dont know what to call my friends created combining social media and lifes events, check it out ....
    its called Tabeso

    1. Wow, great concept Kim. Tabeso may be just what I need. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing.