Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day Trip to Willow Beach Marina, AZ

Fall began today and before welcoming the fall, I officially said goodbye to the summer by going to Willow Beach Marina in Arizona.  After an extremely busy week topped with allergies and friends in town, I was exhausted and longing for a day of relaxation on the beach. 

As we arrived to Willow Beach, we first visited the National Fish Hatchery System.  From there, we were very pleasantly surprised by a bighorn sheep who shortly directed us to his “buddies” at the mountain.  That was truly a Kodak moment.

From there, a short drive to the beach.  By the way, a horrible beach!  The water was COLD and looked dark, the bottom full of rocks and algae, no, no, no --  not my type of water.  I never got to put my bathing suit on because I had no intention of getting wet in that water.   

But the beauty of this beach is not in its water, it’s the surrounding beauty.  If I wanted relaxation, I certainly got it.  But it’s such a torture to be at a “beach” and not being able to get in the water.  This time we had no swimming pool to compensate for the cold water.  I was so tired from my busy week, that I just rested and delighted myself on the serenity of the water and beautiful geological area.  That was much needed food for my body, soul and spirit.  I think my timing to go to this “beach” was just perfect.  Today, it was just what I needed.   Any other day, I would’ve been bored to death.  Unless you have a boat or like fishing, there’s nothing else to do.

Lunch was picnic style.  Everyone brought something to share and we had a nice lunch.

Ok, I cannot say that it was a “fun” day at the beach, but I had a very enjoyable time at Willow Beach.

Spending a day with friends on the beach, the picnic lunch and being surrounded by beautiful scenery was an ideal way to end my summer.   Welcome fall.   

Do you see what I see?

Ok, you stop staring at me now.

Hey, what are you doing now?  I didn't mean to offend you.
Bighorn, thank you for showing me your buddies.
- Was this beautiful or what? - 
Do I see on the left two cucus with caca?  Delma!  Stop making fun of us!

This is as deep as I got into the water.

I was not the only one who got cold feet. 

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