Monday, September 10, 2012

GOOD Monday

I no longer dislike Mondays.  Of course, when you no longer work, it makes no difference.  These days, Monday for me means Zumba.  I start my week with a Zumba class by one of the best Zumba instructors at Las Vegas Athletic Club, Kim Bainbridge.  I always end up my class in a big sweat so I take a good and long shower right after the class.   After that I always stop at the Juice Bar to have my regular protein shake.  But not today.  Today I traded off my healthy protein shake for happy hour.  

After my workout, I headed off to Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Fashion Show Mall for an early happy hour.  I know that a happy hour on an early Monday afternoon is not the norm, but when your girlfriend is a flight attendant, you need to put up with her schedule.  That’s what friends are for, right?

By the time I got to Maggiano’s, I was really hungry, so that was happy-hour-lunch-dinner for me.  The shock was that they only had four choices of appetizers for happy hour.  But that was not a problem.  I combined my appetizer with a spinach salad and I was happy, happy.  They had wine for $3.95 and Martini’s for $4.95.  I was not there for the liquor, I was there for the food.  However, I ended up having a glass of wine, which matched perfectly with my salad and appetizer.  All we ordered was really good and served in generous portions at happy hour prices. 

Zumba and happy hour – not bad for a Monday. The rest of the week won’t be much fun.  I have things to do plus I need to prepare for guests in town next week.  Back to my tour guide job. This one will be a lot of fun.

This was my huge appetizer: flatbread chicken with roasted peppers +

Onion rings Maggiano's style

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