Friday, October 5, 2012


There’s always something fun to do off the strip in Las Vegas.  Today I went to the Renaissance Festival, Age of Chivalry, and it was great fun, really enjoyed it.  All the usual characters were there in their lavish costumes.  And, of course, there were the tournaments, the gladiator battles, the belly dancers, magicians and fortune tellers, among others. 

The festival features performances on different stages with life entertainment.  Numerous vendors around the park enhance the event selling clothing, jewelry, art, etc. 

Eating is not a problem.  There are  many kiosks selling all kinds of food including, of course, the authentic turkey leg.

The best part:  my admission was free.  You know how much I like “free” J  Admission is $10, but a local event sponsor offered free tickets online. 

Way to start my weekend.  It was fun to step back 400 years and imagining living in the Age of Renaissance.  


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