Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Got My Nexus 7 -- Woohoo!

Hurray!  My first tablet.

We should never say never – when am I going to learn that? 

When tablets came out, I repeatedly stated that I was not going to get one because I had no need for one.  Having a laptop and a netbook that I barely use, and having an iPhone that I use for many purposes and not much as a phone, I had no interest in buying a tablet.  I love electronics and technology, but I’m not one of those people that sleep overnight outside an electronic store to get a new gadget.  In fact, I’m always a little behind.   Call me old fashioned, but I still love my PC and my cordless landphone.

All that until I learned about the Nexus 7. 

Oddly to say, it all started with my need to buy a new GPS.  My GPS is 5 years old (“a little behind”) and I have never updated the maps.  Since updating the maps costs almost as much as buying a new GPS, I started shopping online for the best GPS on the market.  This is the gadget that I cannot live without.  This is my best co-pilot.  Can not drive without it.

In the process of researching online for my next GPS, my eyes drifted to advertising of the Nexus 7.  The advertisement prompted me to read reviews and reviews and more reviews about this wonderful tablet.  Result?  I fell in love with it and  wanted to buy one “yesterday.”  

Some may be asking, what is a Nexus 7, what’s the big deal about it?  Ok, I’m not the expert and I am not here to provide an elaborate lecture, but I will briefly explain what it is and what my experience has been with it so far.

The Nexus 7 is Google’s first tablet on the market.  This precious device is only 7 inches and, the best, it only costs $199.  Well, let me clarify:  $199 for the 8 GB and $250 for the 16 GB.  Excellent price for quality tablets.   I bought the 8 GB because that is all I need.

Some of the features of the Nexus 7 are:  GPS, games, videos, some TV programs, reading books, it has a camera, you can do skype, etc.  And, of course, it can be loaded with your favorite applications.

What I like most about the Nexus 7 is its size.  It’s smaller than an iPad and bigger than a smartphone.  A dream come true for me because it’s wonderful to be able to carry a light weight tablet that fits in my purse.

There may be many 7 inch tablets on the market.  But nothing that compares to The Nexus 7 in price and quality.   Nexus 7 is far superior to the Kindle Fire, which also costs $199. 

Warn you:  this is until Apple launches a mini tablet to compete with Nexus 7.  Knowing Apple, it will probably be better than the Nexus 7, but until that happens, I intend to enjoy my Nexus 7.   

In the process, I had a problem.  When the Nexus 7 came out, it immediately sold out!  People interested in buying the Nexus 7 had to order it online and seat and wait for its arrival.  I had no other choice but to order it online and wait without a clue of when I would receive it. 

So I anxiously waited for a few weeks to receive my Nexus 7.  I love shopping online, but the waiting kills me.  Especially when you’re expecting to receive a new “toy,” the waiting seems eternal.   Every day I checked my inbox to see if it had been shipped.

When my Nexus 7 finally arrived, my girlfriend from California was visiting Las Vegas.  During those days, I got home so tired that I had no desire to set up my Nexus 7.  By the way, I ordered it from the Google Play store.

I haven’t used it much yet, but I love it.  It’s just what I needed.   Now I need to buy a case to protect my “baby.”  I already found one online for $10.99.  You know I’m cheap.

I recommend it.  A quality tablet for $200?  Can not beat that.  But do not take my word for granted.  Those on the market for a tablet, should research online.   We all have different needs and expectations according to what we need it for.  What is good for me, may not be good for you.  What are your needs for a tablet, if any?  Are you “ok” using your smartphone?  Do not buy one if you do not need it.  But for $200?  I say, get one. 

For once, I am one of the first people to have a new gadget.   Some people are still waiting to receive their Nexus 7.  I am progressing. 
Google should give me a commission for this post.  Don’t you think?......  Nah.  Well, at least the case.  Ha!

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