Saturday, July 28, 2012

Traveling Through Food: Cuba

Guantalamera, guajira Guantalamera♪ 

I like Cuban food and Havana Grill is one of my favorite places for Cuban food in Las Vegas. 

The geographical proximity between Cuba and Puerto Rico makes our culture, cuisine and music very similar.  Notice that I said similar.  Not quite the same as many think.  Not only the food is similar, but puertoricans are very familiar with Cuban cuisine because of the abundance of Cuban restaurants in San Juan. 

Last year I went to Havana Grill for the first time.  It was for happy hour and I had a blast.  Today I went for dinner.  Last year, I ordered a sample platter of different Cuban food.  I loved it.  So this evening I ordered the same.  Yum! 

Salsa music is a common denominator between Puerto Rico and Cuba.  The restaurant had background salsa music and my feet were already going.  I was looking forward to dancing salsa, but the DJ music didn't start until 10 pm, so it was too much time to wait.

In spite of not being able to dance, I had a great time just by being with my friends in a Caribbean environment with food and background music that I love.

Ironically, I’ve never been to Cuba.  Shame, shame, Delma.  Cuba is so close to Puerto Rico.  Well, I shouldn’t bang my head on the wall because for many years, when I was living in Puerto Rico, no one could go to Cuba and years later you could, but it was a difficult process.  As years passed, it was more a procrastination act, which now I regret. 

The food was absolutamente d e l i c i o s o! 

This has been a week of excessive food.  All great food, but now I’m afraid to get on the scale.  Next week, I don’t want to go out.  I’m tired of having so much fun and eating so much.  I want to stay home eating salads, soup and sandwiches combined with daily workouts at the gym.  I also need some rest and I need to put my life back in order.  

Below are some pictures from my visit to Havana Grill last year and some from this evening.  

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