Friday, August 10, 2012


Elvis may be gone, but in Las Vegas, the king is very alive.  From Viva Elvis by Cirque du Solei to Legends in Concert, to the numerous Elvis impersonators around the Strip and all the Elvis weddings, Las Vegas will keep Elvis alive forever. 

Many reasons for that. 

Elvis was the king of rock’n’roll.  During his “Vegas years” he was the show in town.  Everybody wanted to see Elvis.  All his performances were sold out.  He got married to Priscilla in Las Vegas.  Elvis loved Las Vegas and Las Vegas loved him and will continue to love him forever.

I have seen Elvis impersonators in all sizes and races.  Last year I participated in a Flashmob at a convention where the managers suddenly awoke the attendees with a flashmob simulating an Elvis wedding.   We were asked to dress professionally to blend in with the people attending the convention.  The Elvis impersonator was very thin.  

Here with me skinny Elvis.

 And since I like variety, today I saw the performance of “Big Elvis” at the Harrah’s Hotel.  Big Elvis weighs in between 300-500 pounds depending on his latest diet.  Pete Vallee, his real name, has been performing on the strip for 10 years.  He has the most amazing, strong, right-on-tone Elvis voice. 

Here with me "Big Elvis"

And, of course, I had to perform with Elvis, especially if I was given a maraca.  He sang the best, Viva Las Vegas, with a bunch of ladies from the audience.   And I was given a certificate, which at the end of the show he gracefully autographed.

Today I noticed that Elvis impersonators stick together and support each other.  That's so cool. I spotted at the bar another Elvis impersonator, which I was not expecting at this show.  It was another camera moment.  

Elvis is a living legend and Las Vegas will continue celebrating Elvis spirit and providing tribute to the king of rock’n’roll f o r e v e r.

“Big Elvis” performs at Harrah’s on the strip, Monday-Tuesday & Thursday-Friday at 2, 3:30 and 5 pm. 
Did I mention that the show is free?

Thank you. Thank you very much.”


In remembrance of the king of rock'n'roll.  Turn volume up and watch on full screen.

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