Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FREE is good.

I like free stuff - and free with no strings attached.  Finances remain tight for many people and sometimes I wonder if people take advantage of so many freebies online.  A $10 savings here and $15 there, add up at the end of the year or at the end of the month.  By doing simple things we can make our lives more convenient and affordable.  Even if finances are not tight, why pay for things that you can get for free.  

There are plenty of freebies online, but I will share a few just for the fun of it.  I have not used all yet, but it's a matter of time.  

CREDIT: - This is the official credit report site. You can get your full credit report from each of the 3 nationwide credit recording agencies, but not your credit score.

I'm usually more interested on my credit score.  To get my credit score, I have paid $15.  No más!   I recently found the following company that provides your credit score FREE as often as you want.

Credit Karma  -


To know the value of your home: and 


CarouselChecks - checks are seldom used these days. But to keep a few on hand, Carousel is great because you can order as little as one half box of checks starting at $3.99.  They are quality checks 80% off of bank prices and are delivered quickly.

Perk Street Financial is a popular online rewards checking account that gives you cash back for purchases you make on your debit card.  It has the freebies including online bill pay, paper checks, mobile alerts, FDIC insurance and access to 42,000 nationwide free ATMs.

Ally Bank is a popular online bank that pays competitive rates on checking, savings and CDs.  It gives you free online bill pay, credit cards rewards, CDs have no minimum deposit, no fees and lots of flexibility.

ING Direct - pretty much like the two above-mentioned banks.  


Freecycle - A lot of what you throw away ends up in a landfill, even when it's still perfectly usable.  Many people are using Freecycle sites to find a good home to their useful castoffs. The concept of Freecycle is to keep things out of landfills needlessly.  Once you are a member, you can post items you'd like to give away. As a member, you'll also see what others are offering for free. Nothing is to be sold.

Freenapkin - Everything on this site is free.  It's best to stick to your local listings.  Most people are trying to get rid of something quickly, so they don't want to deal with shipping.

BarterQuest - Consider trading for what you want or need instead of paying.  This is one of the fastest growing, nearly underground forms of commerce today.  You probably have something you wouldn't mind giving away.  Yet it could be exactly what someone else needs. You can also trade for services.  For instance, if you are a graphic designer or a massage therapist, you might be able to swap your services for legal advice.


Efax - This service allows you to send a fax anywhere you have an internet connection and save the cost of a fax machine and fax phone line.

Showmystreet is awesome.  It will quickly locate any street, anywhere in the world with photos and maps via satellite. Write down the street name and the city and it will show on the screen.

I will add one more that, while not free, I think it's fantastic.

I recently had a complex real estate tax question and decided to give this site a try. Wow!  Within 15 minutes of posting my question I had an excellent and on point answer to my question.  It would've cost me hundreds  of dollar for consultation with a CPA or tax adviser and I just paid $30 plus I didn't have to make an appointment, get in my car, spend gasoline and pay a consultation fee.  The site name is:

Here you will find professional advice in different areas for a minimum cost.

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