Monday, October 8, 2012

Traveling Through Food: MALAYSIA

Last Saturday I went to a Malaysian restaurant and tried for the first time Malay food.  What I loved about this restaurant is that they make it so easy for you.  They have two menus:  one regular menu and one menu with big pictures of all the appetizers and entrees by name and number.  This is the way all ethnic restaurants should present their menus since we are all visual creatures.

Ok, so I am an islander and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had coconuts in the industrial fridge sitting by the kitchen.  Coconuts!  I love coconuts, so I ordered one and enjoyed my healthy drink before dinner. 

 For dinner, I ordered the nasi lemak and rendang.  Nasi lemak is rice with coconut milk and it is served with fried anchovies in a chilli paste, sliced cucumber and hard boiled eggs.  I believe the rendang is chicken in a curry sauce. 

I was confident that I was going to like what I ordered, but if I didn’t, no problema.  When I go to try new ethnic food, I go with a flexible and fun mind.  No room for frustration.  It’s a dining adventure and money well spent whether I like the food or not.  If I like it, great!  If I don’t like it, hey, I tried it.  It’s more annoying to me going to a regular restaurant and having to pay for something I didn’t like.  Now, the one thing that will upset me is going to an ethnic restaurant with a menu without a translation in English and a waiter/waitress that I cannot understand.  I don't like that challenge, but, maybe that's the real adventure?  :)

I liked the food, good and friendly service and reasonable prices.  Good combo.


  1. I agree with you. Restaurants must have menus that show photos of the food and drinks that they offer. This is important especially for those people who are going to try the food for the first time. It will give them an idea on what to expect from the food that will be served to them.

    Joey Mcbride

  2. Totally agree. It should be a requirement. :)