Friday, July 27, 2012

Opus Too for Lunch

As if I hadn’t had enough food with my girlfriend from California these past days, today I had a lunch pre-scheduled engagement that I wish I didn’t have. This morning when I woke up, my immediate thought was “and I have to go out and EAT again?” It’s been way too much food this week!!!
But today’s lunch plans were a little special. I had plans to go to Opus Too, which had been on my “To Go” list for quite a while. Opus Too is a student-run restaurant at The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Las Vegas in Henderson. It’s supposed to be upscale international cuisine. I had read and heard excellent reviews about this place.  
This is the final passage of senior students prior to graduation. The restaurant is very small, cozy and elegant . Meals include choice of appetizer, entrée and dessert for just $10.95, plus tax and gratuity, $15. Excellent deal.
Me and my lunch buddies had a great time. Everybody was satisfied with what they ordered and "picky eater" (moi) enjoyed everything. Small portions, quality food, the way I like to eat and should eat, but normally don’t. As an appetizer, I ordered grilled salmon with “something,” sea bass with “something” main entrée and banana éclair with “something” for dessert. Sorry, but I don’t remember what the “somethings” were. The sea bass and banana eclair were so good that I ate them without taking a picture first.
My observation about this place is that, the students, whom are supposed to be close to graduation, are not well prepared. The cooks did great, but the waiters and waitresses seemed very insecure and made many mistakes. Perhaps they are trained to cook and not to service the tables. I really don’t know how that works, but in their defense, I will say, that they really tried and were very cute and friendly. The supervising chef was very nice with us too.
Good camaraderie, good laughs and good food. A very lovely lunch. Too bad it’s in Henderson, which is kind of far for me.

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