Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Humor: Thank God I am a Woman

Lord, we thank you for…!!!

We are perfect. We don't go bald, we celebrate one international day and one national, we can sit cross-legged without pain, we use both pink and blue, always know that our son is ours. We have priority on a shipwreck, a sex strike gets us anything, we do not pay the bill. We are the first hostage to be released. The age does not diminish our sexual performance, we can be aroused without anyone noticing, we can make love as many times a day we want, if men cheat on us, we are victims bretrayed, if we cheat on men, they are #*@#. We can sleep with a friend without being called lesbians, we can pay attention to several things at once. A woman ambassador is the Ambassador. Ambassador’s husband, what the heck is he? President’s wife is the First Lady: husband of the President, what the heck is he? If we decide to do men work, we are pioneers. If a man decides to do women work, he is gay. AND FINALLY: regardless of how much it hurts, we can do EVERYTHING that men can do. **Ah! AND WITH HIGH HEELS!

Contributor:  Maria Camiletti

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