Thursday, November 8, 2012


I had dinner today at a restaurant called Wine 5 Café on 3250 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas. With such a name, how could you guess that it was a Kenyan restaurant – well, it was Kenyan cuisine fusion with American classics.  

That name troubles me.  Why not a name connected more with the ethnicity of the cuisine?  Oh well, the owners may have had their reasons, but I just think it’s a disservice to their ethnicity and to ethnic diners. 

Ok, that put aside, the food was pretty darn good and the servers were friendly and very attentive to our needs.  It’s a medium size restaurant, nicely decorated in a small shopping center.  

I started my meal with a salad and I give my salad 5 stars.  Usually appetizer salads are boring, just lettuce and cherry tomatoes, but this salad was so fresh and loaded with a variety of vegetables. 

Although I’m not crazy about pork chops, I eat pork chops maybe twice a year.  And today I felt inclined to order the Kenyan style Nairobi pork chops.  They were served over brown rice in a delicious sauce and they were absolutely delicious.   

Service was quick and friendly, considering that we were a party of 20!  Now, why the fusion with American food?  I would have preferred the fusion-not!   I know that fusion is the trend these days, but I prefer restaurants that specialize exclusively in one cuisine.  Well, that’s only my opinion and preference. 

So this was good food, good price, friendly staff, close to home;  of yes, I’ll be back soon for more.  

Nooo, thiswas not my dessert.

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