Saturday, November 3, 2012

Balloon Festival in Las Vegas - the afterglow party

Up, up and away!  About a couple of weeks ago, I learned that this weekend there was a Balloon Festival in Las Vegas.  As soon as I found out, I knew that this was a must go. Years ago, I went to the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and had the opportunity to go on a balloon ride.  That’s just one of those life’s experiences you never forget.  Then, once you do it, you want to do it again and again at different venues.

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is huge while the balloon festival in Las Vegas is small, I mean very small.  Had I not been warned by one of my girlfriends who went on Friday morning, I would’ve been very disappointed.  The balloons all had the balloon shapes.   I missed seeing other shapes like the cow balloon, the clown, the panda and so many others.  Since I’m not a morning person and I already experienced the launching of the balloons in Albuquerque, I decided to enjoy a good Saturday morning sleep and go to the afterglow balloon fiesta, which is always fun.  

Although there were only a few hot air balloons on the ground, the afterglow party was fun.  I don’t understand why in an exciting destination like Las Vegas the hot air balloonists are not drawn by the masses.  Imagine flying up, up and away in a beautiful balloon overlooking the Strip and our spectacular landscape while sipping a glass of champagne.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds good to me.  With so much potential in this fabulous city, it’s hard to believe that this event is so insignificant in terms of balloons volume.  

The afterglow was very enjoyable.  There were lots of people, music, vendors, food, carnival rides, and, of course, the stars of the night - the hot air balloons glowing!  Popcorn! – that was the word we the public had to yell to have the pilots glow the hot air balloons all at once.  I had dinner at one of the food kiosks, took a few shots and, by the way, my camera became very temperamental between the darkness and sudden brightness.  (photographer fail)

I’m so happy that I went.  By now, I think I’ve been to one of the biggest balloon festivals and one of the smallest.  I’m starting to get the idea that going to balloon festivals can become a little addictive.  The important thing is that whether big or small, you always have a good time.

I just hope that over time Las Vegas becomes one of the best destinations in the nation to host balloon festivals.  This city has so much to offer.  Yes, we can! 

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