Sunday, May 6, 2012


Cinco de Mayo is a popular celebration in Las Vegas.  The hotels on the Strip as well as the local clubs get very crowded, some sold out.  There are many home parties all around town as well.

For this Cinco de Mayo I was invited to a party at the home of my friend Peggy.  I was so excited about this party because Peggy is the best hostess in town.  When you are going to one of Peggy’s party, you know for sure that you will have an extraordinary time.

Peggy puts a lot of effort to create the most enjoyable time for her guests.  All her parties have a theme and a uniqueness of its own.  For this Cinco de Mayo party, it was no different.

There were approximately 70 guests.  The beautiful house is centrally located in a historic neighborhood of Las Vegas.  It’s in a gated community with a security guard inside a little booth.  You need to give him your name and say the magic words:  “I’m going to Peggy’s party.”  He’ll check the list provided by Peggy and voilá the gate opens to a spectacular residential community.  

In spite of so many people, the house didn’t feel crowded.  The house is big and it has a large, beautiful patio with an inviting swimming pool.   Most people were outside enjoying a perfect-weather day and the views of the gorgeous patio.  The house and patio were tastefully decorated with the Mexican flag colors and Mexican accessories.

A DJ entertained us with latin music which kept me dancing by myself where I was standing.  Too bad there were no male salsa dancers because I would’ve loved to dance salsa.  The music was so contagious that after a while the girls got the rhythm and started dancing by themselves.   Every now and then the music was rotated from latin to other dancing rhythms. 

As we enjoyed ourselves, the waiter was going around the tables offering Margaritas obtained from a Margarita machine that Peggy rented.   

Everybody brought a Mexican dish to share.  Since I don’t cook or bake, I brought a Tres Leches cake that I bought at a well known local Mexican market.  

Mmm, the smell from the variety of Mexican dishes reminded us that soon we were going to be indulging in all that food that was sitting on the buffet tables.  

And that smell didn’t let us down.  There was so much food, mostly homemade, and it was hard to decide what to get and what to leave on the table.  Needless to say, everything I tried was delicious, I just wished I had more room in my stomach to eat some more and try other things.

In the middle of the afternoon, there was a salsa contest.  The three señoritas that won the contest obtained trophies as a token of appreciation.

It was a such a pleasure to see friends, in such a festive and fun environment. 

Just as expected, it was a fantastic party and an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo.

I had a blast.  Good food, great friends, a one-of-a-kind hostess, the DJ, the salsa contest, the margarita machine, -- it couldn’t be any better.  For me, this was the best party in town. 

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