Sunday, May 20, 2012


It’s been approximately 15 years since I attended a black and white party.  That one was in Beverly Hills, CA, an unforgettable very elegant party.

After so many years, yesterday I attended a black and white party at a home in Las Vegas.  Beautiful home owned by a couple whom I call the Numero Uno home entertainers in Southern Nevada.

This black and white party was casual, outdoors, laid back Las Vegas style.

The guests brought a variety of appetizers and desserts.   I brought a fruit tart and a bottle of wine to share.  One glass of wine is my limit.

A friend of the couple, a professional pianist, brought his keyboard and entertained us with beautiful tunes.  His music was delightful and added to the magic of the evening.  I was captured by his watch simulating a piano and he allowed me to take a picture.  

The weather could not have been any better.

It was a wonderful party.  Whether formal or casual, there’s something special about black and white parties.  

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