Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Evening with The Joffrey Ballet

This evening I did something very special.  I went to see the one and only, the Joffrey Ballet, at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, downtown Las Vegas.  Impeccable performance!  

 As I mentioned in one of my first posts, ballet was my first incursion into dancing when I was 4 years old.  I am so grateful to my mom for sending me to a ballet studio at that early age, so that now, after so many years, I can still elevate my spirit watching a good ballet performance.  For many years, I had been interested in seeing the Joffrey Ballet.  Whenever they visited Los Angeles, for one reason or another, I always missed their show.  So tonight was the night.  I enjoyed an amazing performance at the beautiful Smith Center for the Performing Arts.

The theater was packed and that made me so happy.  It’s so good to know that, in spite of all the wonderful and hi tech shows of Las Vegas, people still appreciate ballet.  And people were dressed up!  That shouldn’t surprise anybody, but in Vegas no one dresses up anymore.  People go to the most expensive shows in very casual attire.  A packed theater with people dressed for the occasion was a pleasant surprise.  It also gave me peace of mind knowing that I was not overdressed.  

I went by myself since none of my friends was interested.  Since I had waited so long to see this ballet, I chose the third row center seat.  Oh yeah, I wanted to see them as close as I could, I wanted to see their muscles, their expressions, I wanted to smell them.  My seat could not have been any better.  In fact, that will be my row and seat for future performances at the Smith Center.  The show lasted 130 minutes with two intermissions, but time went very fast.  

My favorite piece was In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated, choreographed by William Forsythe, a union of classical and modern dance. 

It was just an enchanted evening.  I had never seen ballet at that level.  Bravo!!!

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