Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lobster Me

Lobster ice cream, anyone?  - - No? 

How about lobster mac and cheese?  Sounds better?

These are some of the items on the menu at the place where I had lunch today.

It was about 3 pm, I hadn’t had lunch yet and obviously I was starving.  I was driving close to the Strip, so I decided to stop at Planet Hollywood to have lunch at a place that I spotted last time I was there. 

I decided to give myself a little treat since it was almost the end of the week and my last two weeks were somewhat problematic.   

The place I went today for lunch it’s called Lobster Me.  Ok, this is not a fancy restaurant where you can easily spend a fortune to eat lobster.  And then, what happens when you order lobster at one of these restaurants?  Lobster goes best with a fine glass of wine.  I mean, who will order lobster and then a cheap glass of wine.  Case in point, we all know that lobster meals are pricey. 

But you know me.  I am now living la dulce vita, frugal style, but I don’t let that stop me from having a good meal every now and then.  So today was the turn for lobster, without breaking my wallet.

Lobster Me is located at the Miracle Mile Shops at  Planet Hollywood.  This is lobster a la food court.   “Me” is the abbreviation for Maine since the lobster they feature comes from Maine in the Atlantic coast.  They claim to have the world’s best lobster roll.  With that claim, who can resist.

As the name implies, this place is all about lobster.  The menu items include lobster on a stick, lobster salad, everything lobster – including lobster ice cream.  Wow!  The Wow is not for the lobster ice cream, it’s for the price:  $8.50!  They are open daily from 9 am to 11 pm.

The first thing that I did was to ask for a sample of the lobster ice cream (of course).  The lady over the counter handed me the traditional sample spoon.  I didn’t taste the lobster.  It was sweet, more like vanilla ice cream to me.  After my curiosity was satisfied, I was ready to order my lunch.

I ordered a small size of the lobster roll combo.  That consisted of a lobster roll, fries and a small soda.  I did not know what to expect about this food.  After all, this was kind of a fast food lobster place, never before seen by me at any other place.  But curiosity kills me.  I didn’t want to go one more time to PH and pass by this place just to procrastinate again my visit.  Today was the day.  I was hungry, I had the time and I had received a small refund check in the mail from my insurance company. 

Umm, delish!  The roll had big chunks of lobster, good seasoning, not too much mayo and excellent bread.  I didn’t care much for the fries.

Now, let me be clear.  I’m not saying here that this was the best lobster I ever had.  But it was good and considering that this is a casual dining place, I have no complaints whatsoever.  In fact, I can’t wait to go back.

The cost of my meal, including tax, was $21.  Where else in Las Vegas can you have lobster for $21?  If you know, please let me know.

This lunch made my day.  And I did “try” lobster ice cream.  Never thought I would.

[I hate when Blogger highlights my text in the most awkward places and without my authorization.  And I don't know how to fix it, that's the worst part.  Work in progress.] 


Lobster ice cream


  1. I love your reviews Delma, you should be a freelancer for one of the Vegas newspapers or tourism board or something. My hubby was born in ME and loves Lobster. He grew up in FL by the ocean, this place might quench his appetite till we make it out to the beach in August.
    Hey also a group of us ladies from Zumba are going to Salsa congress Friday evening *$25/performances & social dancing* you wanna come with us???
    Talk tomorrow at class xo

  2. Ha, ha, you're always so funny Kim. And your husband is from Maine - surprise, surprise. I can’t be at Zumba tomorrow and Tuesday I’m totally booked. So this afternoon I went to LVAC and had a long and very complete workout. Got home and took a nap. Good Sunday. I’ll think about the salsa congress. Sounds like fun, but I kinda quit dancing classes/events, what I need is a dancing partner. I'll email you, if I decide to go. Hasta luego!