Sunday, June 24, 2012

Las Vegas Neon Museum

As I write this post, I’ve been living in Las Vegas for two and a half years.  And I’m still on vacation mode.  I’m still discovering.  I’m still exploring.  Not a dull moment yet.

Las Vegas is such a fun city and it has so much to offer to visitors and locals as well.  There’s so much to do, not only during the weekends, like in many cities, but every single day. 

And yes!  I love modern Vegas with all the latest technology.   

But sometimes I get nostalgic.  Sometimes I wonder where did old Vegas go.  Where is the Vegas that I knew twenty five years ago.  Where is the Las Vegas we saw in so many old movies and commercials.

Many of the old hotels have been demolished, the rat pack no longer exist and Elvis, yes the king is alive, but only through tons of impersonators around the Strip.

Ah... but there’s a little something we still have that allows us to bring back those old memories.

The old neon signs. 

Many of the missing signs and landmarks can be found at the Neon Sign Museum on the Freemont Street Gallery, available 24 hours, free of charge.

Below are a few pictures I took last year when I went to check them out.




This is my favorite neon sign:  the Aladdin lamp of the Aladdin Hotel. This is the hotel where Elvis & Priscilla Presley got married. But that's not the reason for being my favorite.  The Aladdin was the hotel I stayed in during my first visit to Las Vegas and I was in love at the time, so memories, memories. The Aladdin closed its doors on November 27,1997 and was imploded in April 1998.

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