Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas at the Bellagio

Oh yeah baby, they did it again.  The Christmas display at the Botanical Garden of the Bellagio is absolutely beautiful.  They have several stunning polar bears, a beautiful horse, penguins, hundreds of poinsettias everywhere and a beautiful Christmas tree. 

Visiting the Botanical Garden at the Bellagio, and especially the Christmas display, has become a tradition for me since I moved to Las Vegas. I really enjoy the beautiful flowers, the attention to detail, the impressive decorations and, of course, the music.  At the time I went, they had two marimba performers.

It’s free to the public, it’s breathtaking, it’s crowded, it’s worth your visit if you are in Las Vegas.  Choose your favorite Christmas song from from my Playlist, turn volume up, and enjoy this amazing Christmas garden.

Polar bears made with more than 35,000 carnations.
Oh, oh, this baby bear was my favorite.  Isn't that cute?

Beautiful poinsettia trees.

Penguins ice skating at the sound of the Marimba players.  Cute.

Gingerbread village

Isn't this gorgeous!

My old-time favorite: the flower picture.

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